Last year's speakers

It wouldn't have been real thought leadership event without a few experts. For TOPdesk SEE 2021, we lined up world-renowned speakers to guide over 4000 service professionals towards customer happiness.


Duncan Wardle

Former Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney

Hannah Fry

Mathematician and Broadcaster 

Jitske Kramer 

Corporate Anthropologist

Karine Cardona-Smits

Senior Analyst at Forrester

Arvind Ganga

AI Guild Lead and Development Talent Lead at TOPdesk

Joep Weijers

Developer Experience Engineer at TOPdesk

Wolter Smit

CEO/Founder of TOPdesk

Sumit De

Head of UK Consultancy at TOPdesk

Annemarie Wolfrat 

Agile Transition Coach at TOPdesk

Chris Turner

Comedian and Freestyle Rapper 

Renske van der Heide

Happy Workplace Evangelist at TOPdesk

Gunnar Boer

Account Manager at TOPdesk


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