Audience at TOPdesk SEE 2018

IT Service Excellence is in our DNA

With over 25 years of experience in Service Management, we at TOPdesk wanted to put it to good use. Which is why, in 2016, we launched the TOPdesk Service Excellence Experience (SEE), a digital transformation event dedicated to helping teams deliver the best services possible. 

Every TOPdesk SEE, we bring together thousands of service professionals aiming for IT service excellence to get inspired, connect, and learn. 
If you’re working with ITSM at a tactical or strategic level, TOPdesk SEE is the place to get the skills and knowledge you need to upgrade your organization’s service experience.  

This chance to speak to one of my heroes topped off a fascinating and inspiring afternoon yesterday at #TOPdeskSEE

Catherine Brown

Great event, impressive stream combined with the option to participate #topdesksee

Patrick Seij

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Brilliant event @TOPdeskNL and the perfect ending

Andrew Crawford

TOPdesk SEE 2021

This year, on 15 June 2021, the TOPdesk Service Excellence Experience is coming straight to your (home) office. We’re putting on a live, interactive, online event. And —trust us— it's going to be much more than your average webinar. 

Expect to listen to live talks from world-renowned speakers, engage with expert panels and get tips and tricks from IT service excellence specialists, tailored to your business. 

(There might even be a few surprises along the way.)

IT Service Excellence in extraordinary times

Last year, on 16 June 2020, almost 2000 service professionals from 42 different countries joined TOPdesk SEE Online.


With the rise of remote working, service departments experienced a period of accelerated digital transformation. And for those managing their organization's IT, service excellence started to look very different. This online event was the perfect opportunity to exchange experiences, get feedback and move forward.  


The programme included unique breakout sessions, a professional discussion panel and keynotes from leading experts like Steven van Belleghem, Tim Peake and Nancy Rademaker. 


Different countries


World-class speakers

Different industries

About TOPdesk

At TOPdesk, we have one simple goal: helping organizations like yours create spectacular customer experiences. Over 25 years ago, we launched a simple ticketing tool for IT helpdesks. Today, we still make great software for managing calls – and everything else you’ll need for enterprise service management. But it’s our people that add that extra zing: helping our customers offer great customer experiences by working together throughout their organization.


We hope that in the future people won’t even realize we started with just a ticketing tool. Instead, they’ll know TOPdesk as their guides to service excellence.

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Audience at TOPdesk SEE 2018